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Senna Sennosides

Senna Sennosides

The process starts with choosing the Senna leaves that are ripe enough, and this allows the formation of the most potent product. The leaves are then washed and dried in a hygienic environment with temperatures regulated to preserve the active substances in the leaves. After drying the leaves are then processed through a complex extraction procedure the with help of modern techniques to obtain genocides sides which are the chief active principles. To maintain the effectiveness of the two concentrations of 10% and 20%, the extract is then concentrated at these levels.

The Senna Sennosides 10% and 20% are beneficial for health because of the natural laxative effects of the product. In this regard, the main strength is considered to be their ability to help facilitate bowel movement and aid in constipation management. The sennosides act to directly promote contractions of the muscles of the colon and the rest of the large bowel, hence assisting the propulsion of stools. This can be useful to people experiencing constipation or problems with their bowel movements for a long time.

Senna Sennosides that we provide can be used in cleansing programs on the areas of the gastrointestinal tract. They are also incorporated in weight loss activities in this case because they help in maintaining a regular pattern and avoiding swelling. These products are favoured for use in the management of acute constipation, for instance in preparation for colonoscopies.