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+91 Ashwagandha

+91 Ashwagandha

+91 Ashwagandha® by Herbochem stands as a pinnacle of quality within the Ashwagandha market. Crafted by Herbochem, a seasoned and venerable manufacturer of herbal extracts, this proprietary and patented product embodies the culmination of over five decades of expertise in producing natural products.

In today's world, the pressing concern of mental health cannot be underestimated. Unfortunately, a substantial portion of our population silently grapples with these challenges, often overlooked or undiagnosed. While prescription drugs are available to address these problems, they frequently lead to dependency issues. Fortunately, there exists a wealth of natural alternatives, and Ashwagandha shines as the preeminent solution.

Amidst the myriad Ashwagandha brands saturating the market, each bolstered by clinical research spanning multiple indications, Herbochem proudly introduces a ground-breaking offering: +91 Ashwagandha®.

+91 Ashwagandha® is not just another product; it represents a commitment to the exclusive management of mental health—nothing more, nothing less. This proprietary and standardized formulation has been meticulously crafted, blending Ashwagandha root powder, whole plant extract, and water-soluble Ashwagandha in an optimized ratio, which we affectionately refer to as the 'golden ratio.' This formula is tailor-made to address the most prevalent mental health concerns, mainly stress-related anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

The distinguishing hallmark of +91 Ashwagandha® is its solid foundation in clinical studies, providing irrefutable evidence of its profound impact on mental well-being. With +91 Ashwagandha®, you're not just investing in a product; you're investing in a transformative solution that can significantly enhance your mental health and overall quality of life.


Internationally Accepted
Clinical Study


Withanolides Tested by
USP Protocol


Clinical data

Our assertions aren't based on mere conjecture. Every one of our claims is firmly supported by a comprehensive body of clinical research. What sets us apart is our audacious approach. Instead of conducting our clinical studies against a placebo, we chose to benchmark our product against the Ashwagandha offerings of industry leaders.

For those seeking in-depth insights and a detailed report on our pioneering research, we invite you to connect with us directly. Your journey toward enhanced well-being starts here, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

Reduces serum Reduces serum
cortisol levels
Increases restorative Increases restorative
Reduces chronic Reduces chronic
Lowers clinical Lowers clinical
depression symptoms

The Extraordinary Qualities of +91 Ashwagandha

| A Trusted Ashwagandha Extract Embraced by Global Experts for Its Purity.

Clinically Proven Benefits

The wealth of health advantages stemming from +91 Ashwagandha root extract has been substantiated through extensive clinical research.

Mechanism of Action

Our experts have conducted comprehensive research to thoroughly understand the mechanism of action of this product, which is grounded in significant scientific advancements.

Uniqueness of Composition

This extract has been meticulously developed using advanced clinical formulations and technology to amplify its inherent health benefits.

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