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Plant Based Protein

Plant Based Protein

Each of our Plant-Based Protein blends is made with great care, using the highest quality ingredients. Pea protein is produced by purifying yellow peas through techniques such as crushing, milling and then extracting the protein from the resultant pea flour. Soya protein is a protein which is obtained from soya beans and these beans are ground to form soya flour and then refined to get rid of the fibre thereby isolating the protein. The moringa protein is a protein extracted from the Moringa leaves in which the leaves are dried and ground to an extent where the protein content is high. Every protein source that we use in our Plant Protein goes through a series of quality checks to guarantee the purity and nutritional integrity of the ingredients used.

There are many benefits of using plant-based proteins when compared to other sources of proteins. Pea protein consists of essential amino acids especially lysine and arginine that helps in the building up of muscles. Soya protein is an edible protein derived from soybeans and is complete with all the essential amino acids It is also said to have a cholesterol-reducing tendency. Moringa protein has essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that can help support bodily functions and energy levels. These proteins are highly digestible, non-allergenic, and eco-friendly, which is perfect for those on special diets or with specific beliefs and values.

Plant-based protein may be consumed as an ingredient in a meal, added as a supplement to a meal, or taken as a supplement in the form of a shake or bar. It is often employed in protein shakes, smoothies, and beverages for a post-workout or meal shake. The protein powders can also be incorporated into cookies, cakes, muffins, oatmeal, yoghurt or even into cereals to enhance their nutritional value. Bodybuilders and sportsmen, in particular, use Plant Based Protein as one of the components of their nutrition plan to replenish muscle stock.