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Milk Thistle Extract

Milk Thistle Extract

The Milk thistle extract that we make is done with fully proven and test methods to ensure that the Milk thistle extract is super reliable after production. We start with high-quality milk thistle seeds that are sourced from reliable providers, which are known for their rich silymarin content. These seeds are used to build the foundation for producing a potent extract. Using a method that combines solvent extraction techniques, we then focus on drawing out the maximum amount of silymarin from the seeds. This process is fully optimized when it comes to maintaining the purity and efficacy of the silymarin.

After the extraction has been done, the silymarin that is obtained is concentrated and standardized to ensure that every batch consistently contains up to 80% silymarin. This process is verified through ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy, which is a reliable method for measuring the concentration of active ingredients in extracts.

The primary component that is brought out in our milk thistle extract is silymarin, which is specifically standardized up to 80% as confirmed by UV spectroscopy. The Silymarin that you get in our Milk thistle extract is known for its beneficial properties in supporting liver health. Milk thistle extract is commonly used in supplements designed to support liver health due to its high silymarin content. It is utilized in various health supplements targeted at enhancing liver function and protecting against liver toxins.