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Glycyrrhiza Extract

Glycyrrhiza Extract

Glychrriza Extract High Flavonoids are made from high-quality Glycyrrhiza roots, which are extracted to offer high flavonoid content, mainly luteolin and quercetin. These flavonoids are extracted by techniques such as solvent extraction or supercritical fluid extraction for maximum efficiency. The extract is spray-dried to concentrate and purify the product to remove impurities, and the natural flavonoid balance is preserved. Through this painstaking process, one gets a very potent extract rich in healthy flavonoids that can be applied in several ways.

Flavonoids are very famous for their antioxidant action, which reduces oxidative stress and keeps the cells safe from free radicals. The extract holds a very impressive potential in promoting general health as it bolsters health or circulatory function, eases inflammation, and even augments the action of immune responses. Due to flavonoids, the extract even gains some specific skin-related health benefits as it helps provide a healthy and flawless complexion by healing conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

It is used in skin care products due to its anti-inflammatory effects, calming down irritated skin and rendering redness much reduced. Glycyrrhiza Extract High in Flavonoids is found in herbal teas and tonics to enhance respiratory health and soothe irritations in the throat. It is flexible enough to be used in culinary applications wherein it serves as a natural sweetener in beverages or confectionery while inducing health benefits coming from its flavonoid content.