Venkata Chalam Kondepudi

K.V chalam

Venkata Chalam Kondepudi

Proprietor owner

Mr. Venkata Chalam Kondepudi is a visionary who sought to make a change in the world. During a time when no one was looking towards the herbal extracts industry as a profitable venture, he dared to take the leap.  After graduating in B.Sc Chemistry,  he sought to expand his knowledge in the herbal sectpr and hget some ahnds on experience before starting a venture of his own.  He gained his initial experience from J&J Dechane, Biochemicals and Synthetic Products Pvt. Ltd.  and Kapitan Distilleries before finally starting Herbochem in 1973.

He is a man who believes that Innovation and creativity are the two sides of the same coin at Herbochem. Their task is in extracting the purest of extracts whose payload and benefits are significantly higher than that of those commonly available in the market.

His philosophy of life has always been that of pro nature. Nature has always provided everything for our survival and growth. All that we lack is the ingenuity to adapt ourselves to nature instead of adapting nature to us.

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