Venkat Kondepudi

venkatpathi rao

Venkat Kondepudi

Head Of Quality control & Production

Mr. Venkat Kondepudi belongs to the second generation of the family owned business- Herbochem. While being a partner at the company, he is also currently heading the Quality Control And Production.

Venkat believes that the only way to achieve prosperity is through hard work and by conducting business with honesty and integrity.

Venkat and his R&D team have put in countless hours to bring something fresh to the table without compromising on quality. With the rapid growth of the industry and people’s insatiable quest for something new, Herbochem had a steep uphill climb to reach their current position. Venkat’s inspirational commitment to quality, investment in R&D, and focus on operating with integrity remain a cornerstone of Herbochem.

Mr. Venkat has a Masters Degree in Chemistry from Osmania University in Hyderabad and a PG Diploma in Personal Management and Industrial Relations.

Venkat and Somnath have built Herbochem up to become one of the leading herbal extraction/nutraceutical companies in the world. Their entrepreneurial achievements have been recognized globally  and their success stands as an inspiration for future generations to take risks in pursuit of their passion.

Both of them believe that the company is ready to spread its wings and diversify in different verticals.


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