Somnath Kondepudi


Somnath Kondepudi

Head of Marketing and Finance department

Mr. Somnath Kondepudi currently heads the Marketing and Finance department at Herbochem.

A part of the second generation who have been running the show for 30 years, Mr. Somnath is also a partner at Herbochem.

He has a Master’s in Chemistry from Hyderabad Central University, and went on to earn an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing from Pune Institute of Management.

In his 30 years at Herbochem, Mr. Somnath has helped the company grow exponentially. He has initiated collaborations with international companies to manufacture various phytochemicals and herbal extracts.

To be a vehicle of consciousness in the global market by creating a holistic and sustainable business model which inspires, promotes and supports true wellness has been the common vision for both Mr. Somnath and the company.

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