Natural Plant Extracts

Herbochem is a  herbal extract manufacturers, Exporter and supplier Natural Plant Extracts, Phyto Chemicals, Protein hydrolysate, herb powders which are ingredients to Nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, health and cosmetics industry Built over 3 generations, Herbochem has more than 130 man years of experience in the field of herbal extracts and nutraceuticals in INDIA  and USA  market.

The wide array of herbal powders and beneficial for different health issues such as blood pressure regularization, healthy immune system support, energy level balance, anti-inflammatory properties for providing remedies for osteoarthritis and ulcerative colitis. These dried extracts help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol level. They also support healthy Kidney, Liver, Heart, Joint and Respiratory, neurological, and gynecological functioning. Consumption of these herbal supplements will help your life and treat multiple health issues without much effort and any side effects.

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