Moringa Extract

Intro - Moringa Extract

A super-power of a plant, Moringa - also commonly called drumstick tree, horseradish tree & ben oil tree - grows in the Southern foothills of the Western Ghats and in parts of Asia. The name of the genus Moringa is derived from the word murungai - the Tamil word for ‘twisted pod’. A plant of wide-spread value, it is a rich source of plant protein (including all necessary amino acids), fibre and antioxidants.


The versatility and effectiveness of Moringa was first discovered on the Indian subcontinent around 2000 BCE. It was used for a wide range of conditions, from blemishes to asthma even to tuberculosis and heart disease. The plant was used as a natural sunscreen on the harsh deserts of Egypt; and as both ointment and perfume in Greece & Rome. Growing best in dry regions, the Moringa tree thrives off the sun and heat, and can be grown using simply rainwater.


The incredibly vast range of benefits of the Moringa plant makes it a favourite for health stores and practitioners. Its versatility is illustrated in how various parts of the tree are edible - the immature seed pods, leaves, mature seeds, oil, flowers & roots. Moringa leaves are a great source of essential nutrients like manganese, protein, Vitamin K, B Vitamins and Vitamin C. The drumsticks add dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium to the body. Moringa kills free radicals in the body with its mix of antioxidants like chlorogenic acid, kaempferol, zeatin, rutin and caffeoylquinic acid. Treating blood sugar levels, maintaining optimal levels of cholesterol, protecting the liver and helping in skin and hair-care as well - Moringa is truly a miracle plant.

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