Centella Asiatica

Botanical Name : Centella Asiatica

Common Name : Gotu Kola

Plant Part Used : Whole plant

Composition: Asciaticosides as a saponinis-40%

Description / Appearance : A light brown color powder with characteristic odour & bitter in taste
Water soluble extractives : NLT 70% w/w
Moisture : NMT 5.0% w/w
Asciaticosides Content ( By Gravimetry)y : NLT 40.0% w/w
Heavy Metals : NMT 20 ppm

Microbiology Tests

a) Total Aerobic Count : NMT 5000 cfu/gm
b) Yeast and Mould : NMT 100 cfu/gm
c) Salmonella : Absent in 1gram
d) Escherichia coli : Absent in 1gram
e) Staphylococcus aureus : Absent in 1gram

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