HC8W Ashwagandha
June 19, 2018

50% Protein &
completely water soluble

The HC50P Coko is one of our most sought-after products due to it being made of 50% Protein and its inherent water solubility. This extract also contains MCTs and is also completely gluten-free.

Coko 50 is the answer for weight loss process along with improving the natural energy, digestion, and retention of nutrients by the body. One of the most sought-after products due to its solubility and being gluten-free, it is compatible with Vegan diets as well..

A proprietary extraction process

HC50P Coconut Protein is developed using a proprietary extraction method which does not use any Acid or alkali. This extraction process ensures that all the active and essential constituents of Copra are extracted & retained. This water-soluble extract has the key Minerals, MCTS & Vitamins along with high protein and fiber content. The presence of medium chain triglycerides is an added advantage for extract.

HC30P Coconut Protien


  • Contains soluble dietary fiber
  • MCTs help in weight management
  • Natural anti body against viral infections
  • Absorbs body fat and promotes Weight loss
  • Improves Digestion
  • Natural Energy Source

Proximate Profile

Property Amount
Energy (Calculated) 303.35 Kcal/100g
Total carbohydrates 43.49g/100 g
Dietary Fiber 5.45g/100 g
Total Fat 3.84g/100 g
Protien 50.20g/100 g

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